Community Care  Cottages is proud to be one of the only providers of Continuing Care accommodations for the elderly in Alberta.  At Community Care Cottages we believe that family matters!   As private facilities we offer a welcome alternative to typical institutionalized care and we strive to be  the highest quality of care available.  Each home has an on-site Doctor and 24X7 nursing staff,  is professionally decorated by an interior designer so that the surroundings are beautiful and cozy, the meals are prepared by a professional chef so that eating experiences are a special delight and the health care team is hand picked to be the highest quality of staff available.  Most importantly we keep our staff to client ratios at about 1:4 so that you or your loved one get the individual love and attention that you need.  At our Cottages you can have peace of mind knowing that you or the important person or people in your life will be cared for with excellence and genuine loving care.  You will love it at our cottages…

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Willow Cottage
11528 9th Ave N.W.
Edmonton, AB.
780-996-9463  or  780-249-9065


Maple Cottage
152 Dempsey St.
Red Deer, AB.
403-598-3858  or 403-342-2381


Aspen Cottage
156 Dempsey St.
Red Deer, AB


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