Alzheimer’s Care in Edmonton

Putting pieces of the puzzle together

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating and fatal condition where loved ones experience a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning. It can often be confusing for family members and even more unsettling for the person suffering from Alzheimer’s. Familiar tasks can become bewildering and the disorientation is frustrating for everyone involved. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60%-70% of all dementia cases. This leaves many families struggling to understand what their loved one is going through and how to best take care of their needs.

During the assessment phase that a doctor and family go through to properly diagnose that it is indeed Alzheimer’s disease causing these symptoms, the patient can also experience other challenges that are not only heartbreaking for the family but also show an urgency for increased support. These types of symptoms include social withdrawal, personality changes, anxiety, depression, impaired problem solving, difficulties driving and trouble managing medications. While these symptoms are still mild signs of Alzheimer’s they are indeed the precursors to more serious ones where round the clock care is inevitable.

Looking at the bigger picture

The sad reality of Alzheimer’s is that eventually these patients become unable to recognize objects or people, lose their language skills, experience debilitating paranoia or delusions and lose muscle control to assist with eating and any other physical activity. This is the stage where families often struggle with leaving their loved one in a nursing home and how frequently they should spend time with a person who can’t even remember who they are. We want to honour our loved ones yet we need the support ourselves to be able to do this.

Alzheimer’s care solutions in Edmonton

Our residential homes are peaceful places for your loved one to live out their final years with respect and dignity. Finding a supportive living solution at the early stage of Alzheimer’s development can ensure that both the Alzheimer patient and their family get the support they need to navigate what can be a very tumultuous journey. A familiar home and faces throughout their care can contribute to more harmony, poise, consistency, grace, empathy, rapport, peace and tranquility. Choosing a supportive living residential home can also ease the transition from assisted living to round the clock care. Our homes and staff in Edmonton are well equipped to deal with both accommodation requirements so that you also have peace of mind about the needs of your loved one being attended to.

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