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Choosing the loving nursing home in Edmonton

Anyone at any age can need long term care at any time in their life due to: Automobile and sporting accidents, disabling events such as strokes, brain tumors, and spinal cord injuries. Disabling illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease are other examples of injuries and ailments that would require a person to need round the clock care that a nursing home offers.

There is a need for quality nursing home care that alleviates stress on today’s families. It is wise to have long term care plans in place before a family’s resources are exhausted since four of five families fall apart when attempting to care for a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Unlike forms of dementia however, there is a large portion of people who need long term care, yet their mind is relatively clear. These people would benefit from a nursing home that is more like a loving family atmosphere than one that is a one size fits all institution.

How we are a different nursing home

Our residential nursing homes are in a peaceful Edmonton community settings where residents can maintain their independence as much as possible and get supportive care to improve their quality of life. Our services are personal and intimate, through skilled staff, which often creates a wonderful family setting, enhancing all of our nursing home resident’s social and emotional wellbeing.

In Edmonton, you will find our nursing homes cosy, peaceful, warm and uplifting. Our staff cater to the fluctuating and changing needs of our residents and are trained in various therapies and treatments to enhance the lifestyle of those living in our nursing homes. We are your care support partners and we welcome you to join our family to see the difference it can make.

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