Taking the first step – Alzheimer’s Care

It is heartbreaking to see a loved one begin to have issues with memory, problem solving, thinking and reasoning. We sometimes consider these issues as a sign of aging, yet as they increase in frequency and the person begins to experience confusion during mundane and routine tasks, then we realize that it’s time to align ourselves with necessary support. Once your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s you will have an idea of how symptoms will change such as social withdrawal, personality changes, anxiety, depression, difficulties driving and trouble managing medications. The reality is that supportive living will be necessary and establishing that care early on can help alleviate Alzheimer’s symptoms through skilled professionals that are available around the clock. New treatments are being developed all the time to help people suffering with Alzheimer’s to cope better with emotional changes and for the people who support them to better deal with behavioral issues.

Where to turn for alzheimer’s  support in Red Deer

There are a few options available for your loved one to be taken care of on a short and long term basis. You could arrange for in home care to help you take care of your loved one with Alzheimer’s and eventually move them into a nursing home or you can have both types of care available all in one place.

We offer comfortable, peaceful residential homes in Red Deer. Our homes are situated in lovely communities which eases the transition for both the Alzheimer’s patient and their family to go from a moderate level of support all the way to palliative care. Our skilled staff help with managing Alzheimer’s symptoms, personal hygiene, physical activities, emotional wellbeing and managing medications.  Our homes are retrofitted with necessary safety features and offer a more intimate social setting than larger institutions which is ideal for all stages of progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Your family will become our family and that is the most loving way for anyone with Alzheimer’s to spend their final years.

Our Locations in Red Deer