Need for a dementia care in Red Deer

Once a person has been diagnosed with dementia they are already exhibiting symptoms that interfere with daily life. These symptoms are usually more mild like memory problems,  impaired judgement, an inability to reason, disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, depression, neglectful of personal care, changes in personality and inappropriate behavior. As they become more serious this often affects the relationships the person suffering from dementia has with others, their ability to drive, be independent and their inability to tend to daily routines like cooking or taking medications.

Where to turn for dementia care help

Getting the help that a person with dementia needs is very important at the early stages of this fatal disease. It is wise, once the diagnosis has been given, to look at supportive living options. All too often people wait until their own energy levels and emotions are depleted before making this decision which is very stressful for the entire family. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning to be thinking about palliative care but it is inevitable and the transition does not have to be as stressful as one may think.

Getting the most benefits

In Red Deer you could get support with in home care or you could have your loved one with dementia live in a nursing home type of institution. There is a third option that offers good supportive living dementia care benefits. Our residential homes in Red Deer are in community settings where people in the early or late stages of dementia all enjoy a peaceful and comfortable home setting while receiving professional care. Our intimate setting allows us to offer treatments and therapies that can alleviate symptoms as well as make the later years for the resident more comfortable. Our residents become family with each other and when combined with relationships with our skilled staff the person with dementia is able to get the emotional and social support they need. We welcome visits from family and friends who often find our warm homey settings a pleasant and relaxing place to spend time. We also encourage our residents and their family to make use of our community setting to be close to nature and get fresh air.

Our Locations in Red Deer