Changing roles – Senior Care in Red Deer

Going from being in a child role to a caregiver role can be a very emotional and stressful transition. Watching our parents age, becoming seniors who needs care and enter what are supposed to be the golden years, life can be painfully challenging if their physical and mental health deteriorates unnaturally. This can often thrust family into a position of making decisions for a senior who does not wish to give up their independence yet needs assisted living to keep them safe and protected.

Planning transition with our senior care in Red Deer

There comes a time when trying to communicate and manage the life of another adult becomes so challenging that it is best handled by professionals. It is wise to plan this transition before the family who is caring for the senior has depleted their energy and incurred fractures in other relationships within the family. Having a plan in place to transition their senior family member from independent living to assisted living will relieve strain on everyone in the family.

The ideal setting for senior care

Our Red Deer residential homes offer low ratio of residents to staff which provides the intimacy and privacy that a senior requires at this stage in their life. The neighborhoods our homes are in allow seniors living with us to enjoy nature and the familiarity of having neighbors and nearby shopping. The pleasant atmosphere of our homes in Red Deer is relaxing and welcoming. Residents often become friends with each other which creates support socially and emotionally as well. Our skilled staff are trained to assist seniors living with chronic conditions such as stroke, heart problems, diabetes and even dementia or Alzheimer’s. All areas of needs are carefully cared for such as meals, hygiene, safety, medical, physical, mental and daily tasks. We encourage residents to have guests come visit and to enjoy all that the community has to offer them.

Our Locations in Red Deer