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Are You Interested in Starting a Care Home?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take care of Seniors? Do you have an interest in making life better for the elderly? Do you have experience in the field of nursing or caregiving and are dissatisfied with the way things are done or how seniors are treated?

This may be the opportunity for you! Care Cottages was founded in 2011.  We currently have two operational cottages and have plans to open more soon.  Stay tuned for future announcements.

When we first began we started from scratch and learned everything about Care Homes one step at a time. Policies, procedures, scheduling, cleaning, cooking, staffing, evacuation routes and continuing care standards are just a few of the obstacles and challenges we had to learn when we were getting started. It was a lot to learn!

But this is how you can benefit from our experience! We have created the necessary policies and procedures that meet and exceed Alberta Health Care Policies.  We have even created a Software Program that will help you start and run your own care home successfully and efficiently right from day one. Turn your care home from empty to profitable and successful from the minute you open with our help.

Call us today to discuss how you can become part of the Cottage family and benefit from our experience!

Invest With Us

Community Care Cottages is looking for partners who want to invest in the seniors industry. Are you interested in building Cottages or becoming a Shareholder?

Research shows that the next 10 years will just be the beginning of the demand for Care Beds in Alberta. At present over 18% of our hospitals are full of seniors waiting for Care beds. 10 years from now is just the beginning of the most important era in caregiving history. Now is the time to invest and build something for the future.

Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.