Care Home for an aging population in Red Deer

Seniors are living longer than in days gone by and families have become busier. This means there is a need to fill in some gaps to ensure that the elderly have their needs attended to, yet remaining connected with their families. As elderly people transition from living independently to requiring more supportive care the changes can be stressful for the entire family. Their emotional needs may also be overwhelming to family members who are trying to juggle a career, active social life and younger family of their own. We are care partners for families who can no longer care for an aging family member who now requires a care home of their own.

Support for families

Ongoing support is necessary for elderly who have challenges as a result of various conditions, such as: heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, loss of sight, hearing loss, arthritis, incontinence or mental conditions, and more serious diseases like Parkinson’s, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Women often find themselves lonely after losing their spouse since they outlive them  on average of 5 years. These women still want an active social life and other stimulation which is a core component of living in a care home. Independent living is encouraged, yet they are able to get some needs met that are more difficult for today’s busy families.

Providing caring home in Red Deer community

Our care homes are located in comfortable residential neighbourhoods in Red Deer and are very community minded. Being able to walk around a residential area is often a gentle transition for seniors when they must give up their own home. Our care home residents often become family with our friendly and loving staff in Red Deer where belonging and connection come naturally. Our care homes are peaceful settings with safety, health, grooming assistance and housekeeping taken care of to accommodate worry free living for both you and your elderly family member. We care about their social, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our warm environment enriches the life of our care home residents as they enjoy their later years.

Our Locations in Red Deer