Do you need a long term care in Red Deer?

Anyone can need long term care at any time in their life due to; Automobile and sporting accidents, disabling events such as strokes, brain tumors, and spinal cord injuries. Disabling illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease are examples of injuries and ailments that can happen to anyone, causing them to need long term care.

With an increase in baby boomers working later in life and with people living longer there is a need for quality long term care that alleviates stress on today’s families. Four of five families fall apart when attempting to care for a member with dementia, so it is wise to have long term care plans in place before a family’s resources are exhausted. This is especially important when the person requiring care is chronically ill since they will need care beyond the shorter time frames involved when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s for example.

How we make a difference with our long term care

Our long term care homes in Red Deer offer a peaceful community setting where residents are assisted by skilled professionals to maintain their independence as much as possible and improve their quality of life. Our services are personal and intimate, which often creates a wonderful family setting, enhancing all of the resident’s social and emotional wellbeing.

In Red Deer, you will find our long term care homes much cozier than institutional options and more uplifting for those with a sound mind who still want to enjoy a measure of independence. Our staff cater to all the needs of our residents, which fluctuate and change. We also stay up to date on current trends in treatments and therapies to ensure our residents are as comfortable as possible. This type of setting and living arrangement allows less stress for the person requiring long term care because it is more similar to their previous independent living. We welcome you into our family.

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