A look at a changing society and a need for nursing nomes in Red Deer

People are living longer than they ever have in history which means they will spend more years requiring nursing homes with assistance for daily living. People have less time to care for an elderly or chronically ill family member because they are also working into their retirement years to better afford the type of retirement they desire. When someone requires supportive care due to a sudden accident, it can very draining on family members to deal with the trauma their loved one continues to experience. As institutional nursing homes get bigger and bigger, the smaller family settings that seniors and chronically ill people once lived in are becoming harder to find, until now.

When to take action

It is convenient to have professionals come into the home to help the person maintain as much independence as possible, however, it is often inevitable when transition to a nursing home is necessary. Making a decision about which nursing home to choose when extra support is necessary, can really help to alleviate stress on the patient and their family. Some conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s will worsen with time and often requires resources over many years that a family simply can not comfortably provide.

We are here to help and we offer loving nursing homes in Red Deer

We have residential homes in Red Deer that are designed with your quality of life and wellbeing in mind. Our nursing homes are a peaceful place, an intimate family style atmosphere, to embrace all of life’s changes. This can enhance people’s emotional. social and recreational needs. Our skilled and professional staff help with daily routines such as household chores, meals and nutrition, personal grooming and medical needs.

Our passion is for our nursing homes and our staff to better enable our residents to have the most fulfilling and enriched life possible. We see ourselves as care partners, being proficient in caring for people with life changing circumstances. We welcome family and friends into our warm Red Deer nursing homes to participate in social and emotionally supportive activities as well.

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