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Because Family Matters

Being part of a family can help reduce the feelings of loneliness that the elderly often struggle with…


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Welcome To Community Care Cottages!

Community Care  Cottages is proud to provide beautiful and elegant residential living accommodations for the elderly in Alberta.  By providing home settings for seniors in small residential family-like settings, seniors needing ALL levels of care can experience a higher quality of living otherwise not available in an institutional setting.

Community Care Cottages provides Seniors residential homes as a way to be cared for in a small family-like setting where they can now truly AGE AT HOME  for the remaining years of their lives until they pass away.

We believe that family matters! It is because family matters that we want to provide the best care available for seniors and your loved ones WITHIN the community.

This is a healthy and innovative alternative to institutionalized Long Term Care.   In smaller settings of 6-10 seniors per Cottage we believe seniors can get the highest quality of care available to them.  By keeping our homes small and the staff to client ratios at about 4 or 5:1 we can go above and beyond to provide amazing one on one care and become second to none in the industry!

Each of our elegant, Long Term Care Homes that are fully Licensed and Approved by the government of Alberta and are inspected regularly by the applicable governing bodies including Health, Safety and Fire Inspectors and Alberta Seniors Standards and Licensing.

Not only do we have beautiful surroundings but care can be provided in these homes supplied by government or local care agencies on an as needed basis.  Meaning a senior will never have to move again regardless of how their care level increases over time.

Willow Cottage
11528 9th Ave NW
Edmonton, AB


WIllow Cottage

Maple Cottage
152 Dempsey St.
Red Deer, AB


Maple Cottage

Aspen Cottage
156 Dempsey St.
Red Deer, AB


Aspen Cottage

New Locations!

New Community Care Cottages opening in all over Alberta. Contact us for more details.

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