Application for Residency

Apply For Residency

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your interest in Community Care Cottages Inc.  We are the premier, boutique provider of fine supportive living homes for seniors in Alberta. In order to assess your suitability for residency in one of our homes, we ask potential residents to complete an Application for Residency.

This form is designed to help us begin to better understand you, your care needs and your preferences. We realize that many of the questions are of a personal nature. Your information will be regarded as privileged communication and will be treated with confidence, in accordance with all applicable legislation. Please ensure the information provided is complete and accurate so that we may make an informed decision about our ability to provide you with safe and quality care.

We look forward to reviewing your information and will be in contact with you to discuss our service philosophy and your application.

Kind regards,
Community Care Cottages Inc.

Online Application

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